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Kelly is such an awesome instructor, so very perceptive, always thinking, always striving to make things better for each person she works with! You are greatly appreciated and my body especially thanks you. Even on days that aren’t my best I feel blessed that the chronic pain is gone, my body parts are working so much better together, thus I’m able to do more and enjoy it more! Thank you, thank you.
~ Laverne B.

I came to Kelly with the hope of having her help me with a serious back problem and pain that an orthopedist, two chiropractors, and a few masseuses couldn’t solve. Kelly focused on my weekly progress, and she listened intensely to my responses and kept notes. She then tuned each session to help me build a strong body again. Her incredible understanding of the interaction between mind and body enticed me, and somewhere around month three or four, I began to notice progress. I could stand longer in one place without pain, I could walk further without pain, and while I hate the expression, I began to see light at the end of the tunnel.
Now, a bit over a year later and with Kelly’s incredible help, my 78-year old body is active again, and I’m walking without discomfort.
~ RS, Retired, Cowboy Action Shooter, Musician

Gyrotonic movement, under the guidance of Kelly, is special magic. I had done gyro for many years. After stopping for a couple of years, (having nothing to do with any unhappiness with it) I had to return to what worked for me. My joints, in fact my whole body, had become stiff and aching. Both of my shoulders were frozen. I had excellent PT. However, after some improvement, no more progress was being made.
So, after a couple of weeks of working with Kelly both the shoulders were better, as was my body. There were also improvements in mind and spirit. Kelly has the ability to see more than the mechanics of the body. She has taken time to understand the basics of my situation and work out from that point.
A dear friend, from out of town, was able to have a lesson with her. It was her first introduction to gyro. She felt that Kelly “got her” in a way few had been able to do. Kelly was very helpful and found a master teacher in her area so she can continue gyro. My friend said she’s “doing a happy dance”.
Kelly’s classes and private classes are both effective and fun because movement really is magic.
~Nita L.

I want to let you know how wonderful and gifted Kelly is. After my session I slept so well and woke up feeling great again–she is truly a miracle worker and I appreciate her so much! Without her I wouldn’t be moving pain free again! I don’t know what I would do without her!

Thank you so much for today. I was just blown away by the work, it’s effectiveness and subtleness. I look forward to seeing you for 3 more sessions. I just purchased 6 sessions the way you instructed and it worked. Great idea and thanks again. While on your site I read a few of your blog posts and really enjoyed your writing and philosophy. I’m glad our paths have crossed.
~TS, Yoga Instructor

There is something about Kelly. That is the first thing you are going to notice. Not only is there a tremendous amount of light and warmth around her, but your every cell and atom will begin to “exhale” and find its center in her presence. Kelly embodies a unique and seemingly divine blend of smarts, savvy, sweetness, strength and pure healing magic. Kelly is skilled at expanding a person’s capacity for healing and wellness whether they are 8 or 88 years of age. Her grace and gumption are unparalleled. Her wit and tenor a treat. I cannot recommend her work more highly, and feel hugely grateful to have her unique and gifted presence in my life.
~Lindsay Pera, mom, nature lover, CEO & founder of Full Circle Wellness Tools

I really do think I had given up and Kelly saved my life. There were so many things that were taken out of my life because of my back problems, even decent walks over a period of time. When I started doing Gyro with Kelly, I got some of that pleasure back from all the other exercises. During tougher periods, and now that I am trying to eliminate pharmaceuticals, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this. I feel alive and like my body has not deserted me. I used to be in so much pain and I would think I could not go work out because of the pain. But now I wake up in pain and I think, ‘Thank God I get to go work out! When I start, my whole body goes, YES! And as we progress I feel better and better until I feel like the day might be ok. It is a mood elevator better than antidepressants.
~Tonya Gates, retired attorney

Kelly is an extremely knowledgeable, innovative trainer. She offers personalized training and is very skilled at meeting the needs of people of all ages and abilities. Kelly has amazing intuition which allows for productive, satisfying, restorative exercise. For me, training with Kelly is a life-saver!
~Cheryl Little, teacher and Gyrotonic enthusiast

As a fitness instructor, mom and business owner who goes, goes, goes…it is easy to see how out of whack my movements have become. Kelly has been taking me through movements and correcting my rotations as I go. In one month I have felt a huge difference in my alignment. Thank you Kelly!
~LE, Atascadero

Until recently, I carried all my stress in my neck and shoulders, requiring weekly visits to my chiropractor. My friend Laurie invited me to join a GYROKINESIS® class on Tuesday. Kelly tailored the classes to my issues and I began to see improvement in my pain level and my body’s ability to “heal” itself. I haven’t been to the chiropractor in almost a year. Now I can honestly say, I am pain free!
Thank you Kelly, you are the BEST!
~Linda Coe, a happy GYRO enthusiast

I have learned that I can’t live without you, Kelly!
~BM, Retiree, Atascadero

Kelly is a magician. I always leave her feeling so much better. I learned that I have a lot more control over my pain than I realized.
~TG, Retired Attorney, Atascadero

Proof is in the pudding. I ran into Kelly at the market and she was walking like a gazelle. Just so graceful and effortless.
~SM, lawyer, mother of 4

I wish I knew then what I have learned about alignment: how to to notice when your body is out of alignment, how to correct when it is. Thank you for helping me along this journey. 
~LJ, Marine Biologist