Puppies, Children, and Muscles


What do puppies, small children, and muscles all have in common?

Well, sometimes they need help from outside/external “structure” to become less messy…

Not all muscles automatically KNOW or remember HOW to behave!

Sometimes, they have been taught to ignore their natural alignment in order to “fit in” with an unnatural repetitive motion.

Sometimes, they never really had the natural alignment to begin with.

When left to their own devices…they can become VERY disruptive.  (We’re talking pinched nerves, system disfunction…PAIN!)

How do we change this disruption?

First, by becoming aware that there is a disruption and it can be remedied.  Secondly, by changing our behavior.

It’s not unlike training a puppy to potty outside, or getting a child to eat their veggies.  Retraining takes practice, practice, practice!

And, don’t worry.  Like children and puppies, muscles given persistent gentle guidance will always reward you with their loyalty.