The Brain Behind the Brawn

For as long as I have been a movement specialist, I have taught people the idea that they need to have a balance of “passive” and “active” movement if they want to have lasting change to the way they inhabit the body they live in. The fun we have in my studio has been the “active” kind: it requires a conscious awareness and attention in order to change alignment and strength of the bones and muscles. Then, I refer students to my favorite hands-on therapists for “passive” treatments – aquatic integration, biofeedback, cranial-sacral osteopathy, acupuncture, etc. – for changing the ways the body habitually operates on a subconscious level. These are the places that are mysterious and challenging to “figure out” from a conscious perspective. We can’t think our way through them the way we don’t feel our nerves firing signals from the back of our eyes.


In 2018, I have begun another method for doing both of these things, together, for fast and effective changes in our bodies. It is called Z-Health, developed by founder Dr. Eric Cobb, and I am incredibly excited about the potential and possibilities my students are already experiencing in the studio (and hopefully at home as well).


Z-Health is a training system that targets the human brain to get to the root of the issues that prohibit effective biomechanical operation of muscles. Ever heard of neuroplasticity? This is it. Your brain has the capacity to change, no matter how old you are. We’re going to be working in the subconscious mind to reduce “stresses” that we don’t even have to identify, which will take off the neurologic brakes so we can work actively for better muscle movement. (See Dr. Cobb’s “Threat Bucket” above.)


How are we immediately integrating Z-Health into our sessions at Symmetry In Motion? You’ll notice that you’re being asked to “assess” and “reassess” a motor operation of some kind before and after our drills and exercises. It is really fun because you can see your nervous system response instantly. Also, we will use stabilization exercises to lower the brain’s perception of “threat” in order to achieve a better muscle response.


Something that marries Z-Health to the work we already do at Symmetry In Motion is the fact that the Gyrotonic Expansion System is ALREADY built upon these same principles of brain-based work to create neuroplastic change. In Gyrotonic we move the spine and create stimulation for the vestibular system. We move the whole body and stimulate the proprioceptive system. And, we control for eye position, stimulating and coordinating the vision. It is for this reason that Gyrotonic is such a complete healing method for so many ailments, as well as why it promotes elite athletic ability.


I hope you’ll find even more improvement in your health and well-being from your investment in these methods. The more you diligently and carefully practice at home what you learn at the studio, the more health “interest” you will earn. Please share your success! Other people will benefit from your experience too, and we all love celebrating.

Spiral On!