Is A Group Class Right For You?

There are many reasons joining a GYROTONIC® group class is appealing, but how do you know if it is right for you?  A good rule of thumb is to measure how much self awareness and control you have over your own body, and really listen to what it needs.  Group classes move at the pace of the group more than the individual.  They have a group flow so that everyone can move in a rhythm together.  Think of an orchestra.  If you need help stabilizing your torso and spine, if you have chronic injuries, if you have muscle patterns that need re-educating or areas that need regenerating, it means your individual instrument needs some fine tuning before it plays on stage.  Start with private training sessions to tune your instrument before you join a group class.  You’ll feel more successful in the long run and learn something new about the way you move!

If you are considering a group class, a great way to increase your connected mobility and body awareness is to have at least one private session per week to be accompanied by one class per week. Since it is a GYROTONIC® recommendation that you train at least 2 times per week (still only 2 hours out of 168 hours in a week for your guided work), you’ll increase your awareness from the one-on-one instruction, you can use the knowledge gained towards your classtime experience, and your body will show the reorganization you have worked so hard to achieve, even when you are not in the studio!